Welcome to the FAQ section of the Oboz Retailer Training, we'll try to answer all of your burning questions!

How Does the Sypes Compare?

Oct 8th, 2020

Window Lacing

Dec 9th, 2020

Tying Round Laces

Dec 9th, 2020

Heel Lock Lacing Technique

Jan 8th, 2021

The Importance of Getting Your Feet Measured

Apr 8th, 2021

Oboz Fit DNA Part 1 - Sawtooth and Bridger

May 5th, 2019

Peter pauses in front of the Gallatin Range to explain the core traits of the Sawtooth and Bridger fit

Oboz Fit DNA Part 2 - W's Sapphire/Juniper/Bozeman/Sypes

Jul 13th, 2020

Peter pauses on the History Rock Trail to share some more thoughts on Oboz Fit

Tamarack vs. Firebrand

May 5th, 2019

Peter explains the difference between the Tamarack and the Firebrand over the roar of Hyalite Creek during runoff!

BDry and Waterproof/Breathable Systems

Jul 13th, 2020

Peter pauses on the History Rock Trail to share some thoughts on Waterproof/Breathable Systems and Oboz BDry

Swiftcurrent Outsole Package (Sapphire/Juniper)

Jul 13th, 2020

Peter takes advantage of a meadow in the Hyalites to unpack the Swiftcurrent Outsole Package. We use this outsole on...

Oboz Factory Overview

Jul 13th, 2020

Here's a little vid that Lorenzo and Dave made to showcase our development and manufacturing processes. Oboz proudly...

Does This Shoe Fit? 

May 5th, 2019

How many times have we had to stifle a laugh when a customer asks "does this shoe fit me"? Peter share some thoughts on...

Tempest Outsole Package (Arete)

May 5th, 2019

Peter takes a break in front of the Hyalite Foothills to give a quick tuturial on the Tempest Outsole/Midsole. 

Run Vs. Hike

Apr 16th, 2020

Here's Dave on the couch explaining the differences between Running Shoes and Light Hiking Shoes. We made this at the...

Oboz Fit From Home

Apr 13th, 2020

Watch Oboz Training and Education Manager Dave Dolph as he provides a quick and easy way to determine the length, width...